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6. Quality Control

We assigned at least one controller to be in each of our cooperated factories. Each controller started from on the ground floor and they know very well every step of the production, from material purchasing, cutting, stitching, assembling and packing. With their sound assurance, Suntech is fully confident with the quality and shipment of our production.

7. Finance

Our policy is the good faith. The high standard of principle and strict finance system protect the benefits for the customers, Suntech and the manufacturers. 8. Administration team.

8. Administration team

Our particular administration team made a unique culture atmosphere. Every year, we had a journey with different subjects. We also organized some competition of different hobbies to encourage the people in the company to have more abilities.

1. Management

The leadership of Suntech has been in the shoes business for more than 10 years. As they keep gathering experience attentively for long time, they are very familiar to the whole process and the industrial environment, and we have good resources from uppers materials, outsoles, moulds to the different kinds of shoes manufacturers. The experiences make us easier to get the decision how to combine the most suitable suppliers to meet the different demands from the different markets.

2. Design

Suntech has 3 full-time designers with many years’ experiences.First, they were required to have strong art background, before they became the members of Suntech. At the same time, they were staying in the shoes business for many years. They know how to work out the excellent designs with the good lasts, different materials, suitable technique, nice combinations and reasonable costs.

3. Engineering

From the upper patterns to the outsole moulds, from the sample patterns to the full sizes trials, the high standard from our technicians gives us very supports of the looks and quality of our samples, and the safety of our products.

4. Customer service

To be professional, serious and efficient, it’s our basic demand to our service team.Professional: The every member of our service team must know very well the export business and shoe industry, from development, order operation to shipment.Serious: The service team must be very serious about every detail. Even if we pay attention to the size of logo,or the quality ofthe stitching, it will add the value of the samples and small details can accumulate the help for the customers’ sales. Efficient: The reply must be in 24 hours.The best solution in right time is our objective.

5. R&D

When we started the R&D project, the function is more on the research for the new materials and new technique. We are not hesitating to invest the best Machinery. Combined with the experienced pattern makers and workers, we are delighted to see that our R&D center can meet Suntech strategy and the demand from the customers well.

9. Advantages

●customized service

We offer each of our customers an exclusive set of service which is different from the others.


There is a clear division of work in our team, all the people are reachable when problem happened. The decision will be made quickly and the problem will be solved very first time.

●stable and professional suppliers system

We use only professional factories for our professional products. For example, soccer shoes will be only made in professional soccer shoe factories, outdoor shoes in outdoor factories, etc.

●R&D centre

We pay a lot of attention and investments in our R&D centre. It’s becoming more and more important for our customers.

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